Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Humpty Dumpty sat .....

Here i was on Sunday afternoon enjoying a lovely cup of coffee out by the pool when all of a sudden there was a big gust of wind followed by a huge roar and then this happened
Yep half of our back fence fell down and we can see right into the neighbours backyard. Now as we have a pool this must be fixed ASAP and as luck would have it because of the floods and cyclones in QLD there is no Super 66 (fencing material) anywhere in WA so now we have to wait for another type of fencing. I tell ya i have never seen Andrew so stressed. To me its just a fence and yes it will get fixed.

so on to more cheery things
Here is the latest project that "the three of us" have been working on

some beautiful mug mats. The pattern and labels for these came from our Label Club that we are getting every month. You really should go and take a look next months project it is way to cute and Tracey is having kittens over the Easter project.
here's a close up for you

just had to show you my Starbucks mug, i bought it in Penang and just love it and next to it is a little antique plate (not vintage real antique) that my MIL gave me. I think i remember saying that one day i would show you all of the antiques -china and furnishing's that we have been very lucky to get passed down. OK maybe another day.

and here is another project that i have been working on, made with Susan's scraps from her beautiful table runner. This is the completed top, it needs to be sandwiched now and quilted and binded.

It is so hot here today and i sure don't feel like cooking maybe we will have take away tonight, although we did have it last night as well. shh don't tell anyone.
feel like card making tonight
see ya


suzitee said...

WOW! You've been busy! Your mug mats look so gorgeous...I love them made out of Sunkissed :) Are you going to keep them to use yourself?
You should be thrilled with your tablerunner...just a little way to go now! Ummmm...well, you knew the fence was on it's way out you have no choice! Hope Andrew is coping...oh dear :)

TammyJ said...

Hi Linda,

Sorry I haven't been commenting, I'm having Internet connectivity issues and I cant see peoples photos so can never comment on your work but for now its loading well and I LOVE those little rugs that you have your cup sitting on they are gorgeous! Hope you can find what fencing you need soon too . T. x

Tracey said...

Oh Linda, I just love seeing all the quilting that you guys have been pretty! And I can't get over how many projects your are making!
Love to see all the antiques one day too.

Rumi said...

I see your sewing machine has been happily humming along lately. Great projects! Seems I have been seeing a lot of mug mats in blogland lately. Really makes me want to make up some for myself!

Sorry about your fence. Mother Nature can be a pain at times.

~Olga said...

WOW, Linda! These mug mats are wonderful! Sorry, to hear about your fence. Did it scare you when it fell? :) Great quilting on the table runner.

Jodie said...

Linda, sounds like you don't stop :)
I wouldn't worry about having takeaway again - leaves more time for crafting!

Natasja said...

That quilt is so beautiful!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Linda, sorry about your fence and I hope your able to get it fixed soon!! Let me first start by saying that those mats are just GORGEOUS!!!! along with the table runner:) only if I lived close by you so I could learn from a talented seamstres(did I spell it correct) that could teach me a thing or two about sewing:) I would really love to take a sewing class but Joann's is always booked on the weekends! OMG!! love that antique plate!! You have really inspired me to try to get more into sewing more:)
Love your beautiful work my friend:)

~Olga said...

Hello my sweet friend, I have an Award awaiting for you on my blog. :)

Cricutjunkie said...

You are a talented crafter, thanks for sharing the quilting. Please stop by and pick up The Liebster Blogger Award. TFS Traci