Monday, May 31, 2010

30, thirty,30,10x3=30,30.5 to be exact.

Hi there,
just in case you didn't get it i have now lost 30.5kg's and must say am pretty proud of myself.

OK here is the mini album-although not that mini that i am making for Caitlins BFF (Brie i hope you are not looking at this). It's a 6" X 12" album. These LO's are already in their plastic sleeves so they have come out a bit shiny-sorry.

On this one below i have made an envelope with my trusty cricut and stuck it on the outside of the plastic sleeve and put some more photos inside it. I love little pockets and hiding places.

All of the paper i have used is Basic Grey -Green at heart with the exception of the one below which uses SU- i had to use it as the colour of Bries eyes is the same as my new SU ink and yes i have done a LO exactly like this before but as this is not my album i felt that i could "copy". Another little file again full of photos for Brie to look at.

Now i have 3 pages left and that will have to be about Brie and her friends. It's her 18Th tomorrow and if i am truthful i will have to say that it wont be done by then. Just as well then that Caitlin has got her some other gifts.
Thank you all for your birthday wishes, i had a lovely day yesterday and got spoilt actually i was pretty spoilt all week. Alas i didn't have any birthday cake, i did how ever buy some jeans with some of my money and alas i couldn't even get my leg in them and no i will not take them back another 5kgs and they will be fine.
Ok i am off to try and finish this album.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's been a while

Yes i am still here and have been neglecting my blog this last week-sorry.
I am just popping in today to say HI and show you my last Card Makers Tea party Kit. Again designed by Tracey gorgeous aren't they. I am currently working on a 6 x 12 inch album for one of Caitlin's bff' who turns 18 next week so it will be a race to see if i can finish it in time.
Amongst all this i am trying to organise a 18Th party for Caitlin (2 actually-one for her friends and 1 for family). Boy those last 18 years have passed way to quickly.
OK i am going now no time to waste, i will take some photos of my WIP and hopefully post them later in the week.
Oh and can you believe that i made another scarf whilst watching the odd TV last week and this one even has tassels on it. Did i mention before that i don't wear scarves, well i do now.

Night, night or morning,morning

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Behind yet again

Yep i am behind yet again.
Went in to my local scrap store on Friday and i had 2 lovely "cardmakers tea party" packs to collect. These were designed by Tracey, here is the first pack i made on Friday night. Some gorgeous tags that are kept in a little container that has been re-purposed. The one with the button was meant to have this beautiful creamy clay button on it but ho hum someone was a bit to eager in attaching it to the cardstock and it broke..oh well you get that. It's a bit chilly here at the mo and since i have lost wait i am really feeling the cold and cant seem to get warm, now when i mean chilly i mean its only about 18C so i guess you people who happen to live in snowy areas think i am a wuss well let me tell you YES i am. Ha Ha my mum says i don't know what cold is and that is probably why she and dad never moved back to Wales. She hate hates the cold.

Yesterday i got all of my old bread out of the freezer to dry out to make breadcrumbs (as i am getting a lot of meat to crumb during the week). Well let me tell you this afternoon i had 1 and a half buckets of breadcrumbs. Here is my recipe
fresh parsley
Parmesan cheese
fresh garlic (fresh makes all the difference)
salt & pepper
Mix all together.

Now even if someone in your house doesn't like Parmesan ignore them and still put it in, this is so yummy, i usually crumb veal and chicken. You can crumb your meat and freeze it then if you ever need a quick meal just pull it out of the freezer and if they are cut really thin you can fry them frozen. OK i cant eat these at the moment (diet,diet) but if you have any cutlets left they are wonderful in sandwiches the next day or better yet bung (do you like that word-good Aussie slang)them in a casserole dish with a little Italian sauce on the bottom and top, then sprinkle with cheese and bake yumm parmigiana.
OK that's my cooking lesson 101 for today

Off to play with my second pack

Be good.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's very bright & colourful

Hi all
Yep its finished, i have run out of all my horrible old acrylic wool, there is no more left in my wool basket-hooray. This is the end result.
It was a bit chilly last night so of course i had to wrap myself in my new granny blanket (who needs a snuggie or whatever they are called) and of course my ONE latte for the day. This LO I love and i am very sorry about the flash right bang in the middle of the photo but you get the general gist of it. The background was inspired by Jennifer Mcguire using a resist technique. I think it's about the first photo in a couple of years that i didn't have my glasses on, it looks so strange.

So my bag is made, my granny blanket is finished my rod pockets are on there is nothing for me to do now on the odd occasion I watch TV and i like to do something whilst watching TV so i think its time for another coffee table tablecloth, I'm thinking a Christmas one so that should give me enough time to finish it (keeping in mind that the last one was by the side of my chair in my bag for nearly two years) ha, but tonight i may just go and make my coffee, get some nail polish out to varnish my nails whilst I watch my ab fab show NCIS.
Its nearly starting so i am going
PS thank you all for your lovely comments about the bags that Susan,Tracey and I made.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 weeks in 1

I have been sitting at the PC trying to load these photos for the last hour and guess what I AM OVER IT.
Anyway one has been so tired this last week that i haven't posted anything for a while.
Last weekend I was very lucky to meet a fellow blogger all the way from Queensland. Tereesa and i have been chatting for a while now and it was great that we actually met in person. Tereesa is a designer for Scrappy Go Lucky and was over here for a workshop, so of course i had to do the workshop just to meet her. Unfortunately everything that we made has already been put to use and i didn't get to take a photo. Now believe it or not I finally got to make a HANDBAG (yahoooo). Tracey and I went to the beautiful Susan's to get a lesson in bag making. You must click on this link Tracey has explained our fun night really well and its worth a read.

This is Tracey's bag
This is Susan's bag (her second one i might add)

and this is my bag....

So of i toddled this morning (mothers day) to my brothers for a brunch with my new handbag excitedly showing my SIL my new bag and oh dear the only thing she liked about it was the fabric-guess i wont be making her one for Christmas. Never mind i LOVE my bag and that's all that matters....

Now i got very spoilt today, flowers galore, all of the housework done for me yesterday, some Clarins lotions & potions (my favourite) and best of all my car washed inside and out. Out to brunch then home again to make a LO and a little bit of crafty play. What did you all do?
Here is my LO. It's another hybrid. The house template comes from Basic Grey and was so easy to use and i got to use a Technique Tuesday stamp set that i have had for a while and never used, it's appropriately called "home sweet home". I had fun making this LO it seems ages since i did one.
Now on the diet front am going through a hard patch, not that i have eaten anything bad (been very good) in 3 weeks i haven't even lost a kilo, 100grams here, 300grams there. Very disappointing i guess this is the bit where some people give up, Not me I will keep going but i tell ya i had better lose more than 100grams this week.

OK this has been a long post hope you made it with me to the end. I also hope that you had/or are having a beautiful Mothers Day.
Have a wonderful week FRIENDS.
Linda xx