Saturday, January 16, 2010

When you are in a hurry......

When you need a card in a hurry what do you do? Go to your cricut of course. These two cards were made with the Stretch Your imaginations Cart and aren't the matching envelopes just way to cute? The other day i was blog hopping (as you do) and found this turorial for these beautiful flowers, so i just had to make my own. Instead of a scallop punch i used my cricut which was fine as my paper wasn't real thin. I just had to make a few of them and had them all sitting on my desk when Joe (DS) came in and said "Oh Pac Man Cards". Yes he is right the white cut out also reminds me of pac man. LOL I am mentally preparing myself for our hot 41degree day tomorrow. At least I am not going to cricket (poor Andrew and Joe it's the first game back after the christmas break). Then on Monday Joe is going into hospital to have another laser treatment, so i may just take my sewing and actually do those rod know the ones i've been meaning to do ever since i started my blog.
Have a good weekend everyone and keep cool or warm depending on where you are from.


Tammy James said...

Hope you can keep cool Linda.

Tracey said...

HI Linda,
Love the cards and the envelopes. Now those flowers are pretty cute, in fact I might just try and do some today.
Give my love to Joe and hope you get your sewing done.
love me :-)

FawnKreations said...

Just wait until you do open up storybook and use it! It is one of my new favs! I just love it! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Have fun with your new cart! =)

suzitee said...

Bring on the rod pockets!!!