Friday, January 22, 2010

I Know, I know, I know

Yes I know that Valentines Day is not overly huge here in Aus and we don't do gifts for our children to share with all of their class friends and we don't do gifts for their teachers but how could I resist this very American letterbox (from the Love Struck Cart) to collect all of MY Valentines in (ha ha what Valentines). Isn't it so cute? The little arm goes up and down-hi you've got mail. My American friends must think I am nuts but we don't have letter boxes like these. Anyway i thought that i would make two small treat bags for the two ladies at work and put them in here (I haven't made them yet so i will show you when i do)
Now one of my very good friends husband is turning 50 in March and he wants a Cowboy party so I ordered this cartridge especially to do the decorations (Old West) and here are two very happy cowboys with their Peachy Keen stamped faces. If you have boys this cart is great. I will show you other decorations as i make them.

Now boy did i have dramas at the hairdresses the other day. My hairdresser is away in Ireland so i had to go to the local up the road. Well let me tell you we kind of had a little misunderstanding about how much you cut of in a trim. What could i do after the first cut where she only left me with an inch of hair-tell her to stop? Well no i didn't and the end result is well here is what my husband said "you look like an escaped criminal from the ladies prison". Joe just laughed and said "don't worry mum it's summer and hair grows faster in summer" does it? Gosh I hope so. After a nights sleep it still doesn't look any better and every time i pass a mirror i give myself a fright. Oh well what can you do its only hair, it will grow back.
Now other news which i really didn't want to tell you but i will anyway, i went and joined the weight loss programme with Tony Ferguson today, its time, i need to do something. The only thing i will really miss is my cappuccinos with my new machine i got for Christmas. I can only now have decaf and a tiny tiny tiny bit of milk. Enough said and i will keep you up dated but not until i reach my first goal.
Only one week of holidays left i cant believe how fast they have gone.
And Joe went well with his laser op on Monday-thank you all for your wishes. That was his very last one under a general anaesthetic-yoo hoo-any other treatment he can have at her surgery. It's now entirely up to Joe as to how many more treatments he wants if any. (for those of you who don't know what i am talking about my son was born with a birth mark on the left side of his face, although you only notice it the first time you meet him it is something that bothers him and he has been having laser surgery since he was 6 months old-his goes really deep) and i must say that never, not once has anyone ever teased or bullied him about it. So how good is that.
Boy this is a LLLLOOOOONNNNNNNNgggggggggggg post.
OK I have run out of things to say so have a good night/day where ever you are in the world.
Thanks for making it to the end of this post and visiting me today.


Jenni said...

I'll get my sewing machine ready for your new 'slim size' body!!!

We don't even notice Joe's birthmark any more....

Tammy James said...

I'm Sorry Linda but I did have a little LOL at your hairdresser story. It will grow back and in the mean time I hope you are not too unhappy with it. Good luck with the diet : )
I love your letterbox! its so sweet and being an Aussie I totally get your excitement with the design. Cowboys are cute too.

suzitee said...

Wow...lots to process in todays post woman! LOL! Your letterbox is divine...I have an American friend who has one in her driveway, and it always amused me....sweet memories :) I don't ever notice Joe's birthmark either, but if it bothers him then it is worth doing something about. Glad it's now up to him though.
Good luck with the weight loss program...I am gearing up for February 1st!It's either that, or buy a whole new wardrobe :) Can I ask what your first goal is?
A good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold...hey, maybe we look alike now? Can't wait to see how short she went!
You are a Cricut addict...that's all I have to say on that :)
TTFN xxx

Tracey said...

OK seriously love the letterbox. sometimes I wish we had them here, it would make collecting mail so much more fun.
You should be very proud of yourself making such a big decision about weight loss and more importantly sharing it with us. I feel honoured that you have shared such an important decision with me, I will be cheering you on all the way.
I am glad things have gone well with Joe, birth mark or not I think he is quite a handsome young man.
sorry but I am still laughing about the "hairdo". I know I shouldn't but I just can't stop.
Thanks for sharing so much of you
love me :-)

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh dear, I once got my hair cut off way too short and was continually walking past the mirror thinking that I looked like a boy, so I know how you feel.

The letterbox is so cute!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Just catching up on all your holiday crafting Linda - you have been busy! Love the Post Box - I can see why you couldn't resist! Valentines Day, like Halloween, seems to be growing in popularity here.

I can relate to your hairdresser story - when i lived in France I had a similar experience - i pointed to a picture in a magazine but the hairdresser had a different interpretation. Once they have started cutting there isn't much you can do.

Glad that Joe's treatment went smoothly. My son has bad acne and we are off to the dermatologist again tomorrow.

Can't wait to see the rest of your cowboy inspired decorations - what a fun theme for a 50th party!