Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentines Day Gift Boxes

Here are some cute boxes that I made with the cricut (yes again) and the Love Struck cartridge. First let me tell you about the flower, this is my first attempt at a Tim Holtz grunge flower and wow I love how its turned out. There are heaps of videos on YouTube of how to make these (someone has used up all of our download time so i cant get the link for you sorry). Now for the boxes. I made them on the fit to page size so they came out really big, not quite as long as a family block of chocolate but about double the depth. This is for Caitlin.
Where the cut out heart is I put a clear transparency so they can see their choccies and so they don't fall out.

Andrew's box is on the left and Joe's is on the right. Yes I know that the paper is a bit babyish for Joe but its been in my stash ever since i started scrapping and i want to get rid of it.

I am just trying to give you an idea of the size here. All I need to do now is fill them with treats and they are done.
Oh well the summer holidays have finished back to school/work on Monday although technically I started back last Wednesday.
My hair doesn't seem to have grown that much, i still give myself a shock every time i walk past a mirror.
Managed to stay on my d*** all week. Had my weigh in and lost weight.
Purchased another cricut cartridge Wild Card SShhh meant to be saving
Not much else happening how bout you?
Off to make my Cappuccino now, it's my daily treat.

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suzitee said...

OH WELL DONE on the d**t...with the short hair and the weight loss, I may not recognise you next time I see you :)
Love the gift boxes, but am curious about the flowers. I think I may need to see them IRL.
Have fun back at work...these holidays FLEW by, didn't they?