Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More of Caitlin's album

Hello everyone. First of all I must apologise for the poor quality of these photo's,the light was very poor and I couldn't be bothered to photo them again (lazy I know) but you can get the gist of them anyway. A big thank you to Susan who has helped me to put the photos in amongst my writing.

Another thanks to Sonia and Tracey who obviously bribed the judges (on my behalf) for this months challenge, I will pay you when I see you. (ha ha).

I had to put this Krispy Kreme page in as everyone is talking about how yummy these donuts are and we had never had one so the kids bought us box 2 big boxes. YUM.

Anyway I have done a load more pages than these but I don't want to bore you with them all so I will just put a few pages in. Must admit that I might have to do a card or a 12 by 12 or something different considering once I have done this one I have to work on Joe's.

That's about it for now.

Take care everyone.



Vicki said...

The album looks fantastic...are you close to finishing it?? I am jealous of you having Krispy Kreme donuts...I have never tried them. Can you get them in Sydney ....maybe when I am on holidays I can try and get them then!!!! Vicki ):D

suzitee said...

Woohooo! She did it! LOL...blogs are such a big learning curve, huh?

The album is unreal! I love the detail that you are including.
I don't blame you if you take a break from the mini-albums though, they can get a bit monotonous if that's all you work on for a while.

Congrats on the win...YAY!!!! Will have to check out the winning LO when I'm in the shop next.

Susan xx

Tracey said...

I Loved the album, it looks much better in real life so thanks for letting me have a look.
Trust me girl, I had no say in who won the comp, you did it all on your own, be proud you did an excellent job.
Tracey :-)