Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Bloody Monday

I had to have a break from mini albums on the w/e so I did this page instead which I am really pleased with. Sorry got my photos in the wrong order. I just love this paper-my colours to a T.
I used dimensional magic straight on the paper and and Susan you should be impressed i put some beads on it as well.
Overall I love the whole thing as I'm sure my dad will.
Now let me tell you a story about my day today and the odd title I have used. There I was merrily separating hash browns for all the lovely children at school when I stabbed myself with a pair of scissors. Well I have to do a job well, so the scissors went right through my finger to the other side. Not realising this I pulled out the offending blade ..well you should have seen the blood spatter ( i could have been on CSI) all over my shirt all over a tray of hash browns and in one of my bowls of pikelet mix, not to mention all over this stupid glorious hat we have to wear. Suffice to say all went in the bin. And can you believe it because the cut was small but deep all I had to show for my wounds was a bloody T shirt and a band aid...
Have a good week everyone.


Vicki said...

Sorry to hear about your war wound Linda, especially when you have such a little wound to show for a big blood loss!!!! Love the layout by the way, the flowers and beads look great....vicki

Tracey said...

Hey lovey, sorry to hear about the wound. What some people will try and do to get time off work. I take it, it didn't work.
What a small world, you knowing my Dad. Can't wait to ask him. Hope he's got some dirt on you... only kidding.
Love the LO, well done.
Tracey :-)

suzitee said...

Poor injured Linda...small wounds tend to be the most bloody, don't they? Yuk.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your LO...especially the flowers. What paper is it?