Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi everyone,
just wanted to share with you my finished easel and show you where I have put it in my house. Smack bang in the entry way so that everyone gets to see it when they walk in. I just love it and the fact that I can change layouts whenever I feel like it. I have done a lot more on Caitlin's album this week, it's nearly finished. Unfortunately we all have the flu me included (yes Clori I can feel your sympathy pouring in) so it's been early nights for me and will be again tonight.
Hope everyone is well and that you all have a great weekend.


suzitee said...

Poor Linda! Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well...hope the weekend brings you some relief. Love the easel, they are so beautiful and you've found a great spot for it.
Figured out the hit counter today :) hee hee hee

Vicki said...

The easel looks fantastic, well done! Hope you get better over the weekend. Bye for now..Vicki

Tracey said...

Love the easel but I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.
And about those scones...
Of course I didn't make them, I don't want everyone getting sick you know. The lovely Vicki made them... and yes they were yummy!
Hope you get better soon.
Tracey :-)