Thursday, March 28, 2013

Project Life week 12

Hi there
When one is lying flat on their back in bed with an excruciating sore back one/namely me,is so grateful to Apple for inventing the iPad. I can read and scroll through my photos and do blog posts and lets not forget online shopping.
Anyway here is my week 12 page

Ok this bit tells you about another meal Andrew cooked, coke a cola chicken wings and potato salad. He even made his own mayo, the chicken was a bit sweet but not complaining as I didn't have to cook it.
And Joe coming home
And Joe, Simon and Deney (their TAFE lecturer) with their gold medal dessert and the blurb that was written about their dish from the event website.

Since I was about 12 I started collecting cookbooks and one recipe that I have always wanted to make was a spinach and feta pie, so last week at work we had heaps of spinach left over and I made my pie. I didn't stop there, I also made these spinach and feta filo rolls/swirls/snails. And they were divine I tell you. For savoury dishes I generally don't follow a recipe and for these I didn't either which can result in problems if people want the recipe as they did for this snack.
You can also see the great photo of Team Aus plating up their dessert for 100 people.

This top right photo is a copy of an email to Caitlin.
Here is the background,..Caitlin is doing a double degree in teaching at uni (kindy to year 7) the course will take 3 and 3/4 years. Caitlin has only the 3/4 year left and in that/this year they have to do two big teaching pracs for eight weeks each.
Caitlin applied to do her second big prac which is in August in a remote country town and this was an email to say that her application had been approved and her prac will be in Port Hedland. (For you non west Aussies, Port Hedland is in the Pilbara two full days drive north of Perth. It is a mining town and most people say that you have to live there to like it) as we have lived in PH when the kids were little I can say we loved it and this is the reason Caitlin wants to go back there. It will be really interesting to see what she thinks this time round as a 21yo because she remembers it as a 9/10 yo.
However it was the wonderful teachers she had in PH that inspired Caitlin to become a teacher.

Phew did you get all that? Suffice to say that my baby will be away from home for eight weeks in August and September.

All the papers I used this week were from Studio Calico/Sundrifter collection, and I used my new Dear Lizzie stamp.

Andrew just went to the shops and I asked him to pick up a couple of packets of little Easter eggs in particular the top deck ones, he came back empty handed no eggs left at all, then I text Caitlin please get me some from work, she text back " no all sold out" can you believe it? It's only Thursday. Oh well I would only eat them any way.

So I bid you a very happy Easter may you eat as many eggs and hot cross buns you can fit in your tummy and spend a little time remembering what Easter is all about.

Thanks for stopping by and yay if you made t o the end.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 9

Hello hello hello
how lucky am i, Andrew (DH) is on holidays and i have not had to cook anything for three nights as he has discovered a hidden passion for cooking. Imagine my delight when he text me today asking if braised bbq ribs, a salad and crusty bread was ok for dinner...are you kidding...i would eat anything if i didn't have to plan and cook it. Sadly (although its quite funny) he said "its takeaway tomorrow night, i have had enough" ha, i said, "now you know how i feel but i have to do all of that after work".

ok here is week 9 of my Project Life
thats the whole page for you to see, i used a lot of Studio Calico printables that anyone can download and buy, some washi and my favourite doily from PTI.

obviously this is my title card which i found inspiration from Leena (you should check out her PL if you haven't already, AMAZING.

on Sunday i spent a good hour peeling mangos and scooping out their flesh to put into bags to freeze. We usually give about 75% of them away but i thought this would be a great idea especially for smoothies. So this year we are probably giving about half away.
and at the ripe old age of 18 Joe decided that it was time he learnt too iron, as he leaves for New Zealand on Friday the lessons had to start pretty quick.
sorry actually had too much light for this photo. This little cute envelope was in my Studio Calico project life kit and although i love love love oh their so cute love love love them, i do find them hard to use, but not this week, It was our state election and it is compulsory to vote here in Aus so i actually put some of the leaflets from the party that i voted for in the envelope. As this made it rather bulky and this photo is in the top pocket i put one of those mini clip thingys over the top so it wouldn't fall out.
and when Joe gets back from New Zealand and finishes his holidays he starts at a new restaurant at The Crown called Bistro Guillame and laundry have already prepared his new chefs uniforms so he took a photo for me. This will be Joe's last rotation at the Crown after this he will be a qualified Chef can you believe it, three years, time goes so quickly. He hopes to go back to Nobu and work his way up to Junior Sous Chef then travel the world with Nobu.
and last of all Andrew and I had another leisurely Late lunch/early dinner on Saturday at one of our favourite places The Merrywell and surprise surprise this happens to be at the Crown as well.

No pictures of Caitlin this week she was busy with one of her bfs 21sts and has only just given me the photos but i may just cheat and include them in next weeks PL, does anyone else do this?

Thanks for visiting

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Music Festivals

Good evening-i will stick with that as it is evening here
Popping in to share a layout of Joe at some music festivals he attended on the weekend.

Sorry the colour is a bit dull as i couldn't wait until tomorrow and beautiful sunshine to photograph it.
He went to two festivals and had a huge weekend, being the good child of a scrapbooker he kept me the tickets and the wrist band they were given for the over 18 festival, looks a bit like wash tape so of course i had to use it.

The skull i cut from the programme and the two guys in bubbles are friends of Joe. Joe is in the top photo on the left. As it's so hot here they always have sprays mists and water showers for people attending to cool down, i am not sure were the bubbles come in.

The middle photo is of the stage for one of Joe's favourite bands, Blink 182. He was right at the front of the stage after half an hour even he had had enough and asked for a security guard to pull him out. I would have loved to have seen that as Joe is 6ft 5 so it would not have been an easy task.

Well tomorrow is Sunday and you know what that means in my world, ironing day, i am sure i have the biggest pile to date Andrew even suggested we go out to lunch BUT nothing comes between me and my ironing. Ha i wish, it's just that if i don't do it tomorrow my mountain will be huge.

Good night all.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project Life week 9

Hello there, happy hump day
My week 9 found me in a quandary as i actually had a few too many photos but wanted to include them all and i couldn't put it on a two page spread as week 9 was on the right hand side of my binder...does this make any sense to you?
Anyway this is what i did
I added a pocket page from Snap to be my first page for week 9
it looks like this
which was quite fun as i got to mix up my title card a bit. The bottom photo is from my Instagram account giving me the details of when i posted my very first photo.
here is the reverse of this page
all about Joe's cookbooks and this funny photo of my niece that i copied from her Instagram account.
now on to the main page
Andrew went to the football and i went out to dinner-only fair- and even though it's still hot here, for ease and simplicity my crockpot does get the odd workout.
Caitlin went to two 18th birthday parties and felt old!!! It is nearly time for all of the 21sts to start happening, i had a night of cameo cutting and our mangos/mangoes? are ripe to eat.
 I had to document my washi haul and used them to decorate my page
and last but not least was our Saturday luncheon
Apart from my washi everything i have used came from my Studio Calico Project Life kit or was a Studio download and cut with the cameo.

Joe is now on holidays preparing for his trip and competition to New Zealand next week, on Monday Andrew starts some holidays, Caitlin is back into the uni swing and extremely busy this being her last nine months of uni and ho hum i still have work.

Enjoy the rest of the week and thanks to all of you who left a comment on my last post, i got two new followers and have reached 40 yippee party party.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Happy Saturday everyone
We have just been out to lunch and i am FULL to bursting, so there is nothing better to do than take a few photos and sit here at my Mac and let all of this food digest.

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram i posted a picture of a lacy circle background that i had cut out with my Silhouette and with inspiration from Lory (when i saw her Layout i just had to give it a go)
this is what i came up with.

unlike anything else i have ever made, it uses scraps from the scrap bin. I tried to keep visual triangles of some things i.e.) the people and the cabochon flowers and the red paper, then it got all too hard so it was anything goes.
I didn't know what to put in some of the empty circles so i filled them with journaling.
On another note, i am starting a quest to organise my albums. At the moment they are different sizes,colours and makes. Although the colour doesn't worry me i thought it would be nice to have them all in uniform albums. So hello Studio Calico for the next eight months or so i will be ordering a binder, my first binder arrived yesterday so i grabbed a random old album and started switching the papers, holy moly i haven't looked at my very first pages for a couple of years. WHERE WHERE WHERE is the journaling and soooo many flowers, lol the fashion and my style has certainly changed over the years.


Joe recently ordered over $1000 in cook books,
1-can you actually imagine how many that is
2-where are they all going to go
3-half of them are not cookbooks you and i would use, trust me and i consider myself a good cook. When i opened one of the books and picked a random page i couldn't understand the first instruction and it was only for lemon cordial..Something about some machine that does something and something, luckily Joe knew exactly what is was about.
4-these are resource books for Joe, there was one huge book just in sauces and jus and a great book from David Chang about Momofuko, oh i so want to go and eat there.

This is only half that have arrived
See those books no 1 to 5 they came with the most amazing photography and some actual large photos just floating in the box, so i had to take a photo of the this photo as i think its AWESOME

how amazing is that mayo dripping of the bun? May have to nick borrow this from Joe for my work.
After looking in this set of books i think the photography is by Ryan Matthew Smith and Nathan Myhrvold, my apologies if it is not.

Phew so there we have it my some what long and random post, enjoy your weekend everyone, we have a public holiday here on Monday so i will be having a great weekend.