Monday, February 20, 2012

A Simple card and PL week 6

Evening/morning everyone. Its evening here and a hot humid sticky one i might add.

First up a card. I had a photo left over from one of my Project Life weeks and i know my mum doesn't have an up to date photo of my kids so i made it into a card.
Very very simple, and i got to use a Ali Edward stamp. The ribbon is from my Cocoa Daisy kit.

OK on to Project Life, and a little bit of playing and fun. I got some new fringe scissors so i had to use them in my title. I also got some October Afternoon goodies in the Sasparilla line so everything i have used this week comes from them.
Sorry about the flash, i left it too late in the day to photograph, but you can still see
here is the LHS
I had fun this week playing around with digitally typing on some of the photos before i printed them. Its a good way to journal if you know you are going to have enough photos for the week and not enough journal space.
and in case you are wondering about the shoe photo, i am 6ft tall or 182cm and i have HUGE feet and it is so hard to find ladies shoes in giant sizes. I have been forced to buy mens shoes that look kinda like ladies shoes, anyway i found a website that is especially for giant ladies feet except they are so so expensive but what can a person with giant feet do, i had to have at least one pair. So, i have my first pair of ladies shoes in about 12 years, yahoo i was excited.
ok enough about me, here is the RHS

i tell ya i was getting a bit desperate that week for photos and even took a pic of Andrew's new watering can! Oh, if you get the chance go and grab an iced coffee frappe from Maccas, or maybe not ,if you are on a diet and be warned they are addictive.
I do like to try and use some of my stamps in my PL pages usually my Ali Edwards club ones but this time i used Stampin Up and papertrey Ink.

One thing i have noticed is that there are a lot of food photos in my PL, i can blame some of it on chef Joe but not all.

All in all i love doing Project Life, i have fun using bits of my stash and playing around. It does take me about three nights to complete, it doesn't have to be that way, i just like to add a lot of bits and pieces.

Andrew is on the countdown for our yearly trip to Penang, we leave in about 6 weeks i think (ok i wasn't actually listening when he told me the countdown)but its not too far away and this time we are flyiong premium/business class oooooooooooo i cant wait.

thanks for visiting, please say hello and come again.

have a great week everyone


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely photo of your kids - I am sure you Mum will love it! I am impressed with your project life - it is coming together so well.

Lucky you travelling business class! 6 weeks will go in next to no time...

suzitee said...

Your PL is inspiring Linda...such beautiful work!

Leena said...

Another week of fabulous spread Linda! I love looking at photos which sum up the daily and weekly happenings. And you are very tall! I think I would look like a dwarf standing next to you at 5'2". Lol! Sometimes I wish I can grow a little taller but I stopped growing since I was 15. Oh, you're going to Penang next month! It's one of my favorite cities in Malaysia. Absolutely amazing food! I missed that very much. Have a great week ahead! :)

Stephanie said...

What a thoughtful idea, I think I may do something similar for my mother too :) Loved looking at your project life compilation - wonderful :) x

Tracey said...

Linda, I am really loving your Project has so much character and so many fab photos:)