Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful for scrapping

Yes I am very thankful that I have found this craft b/c at the moment it has become my little escape from reality. Although i normally scrap most nights lately i have only had enough time to work on a page or two of this mini album. It takes my mind of things and takes me away into another world so if its only half an hour or an hour its great to do this. Then we can go back to reality. The flourish on the above photo was cut from my cricut stretch your imaginations isnt it great. This cart can do amazing things.
I am actually using a lot of my clear stamps on this project and loving them.

Sorry this photo didn't turn out that well. Left is Joe and right is Caitlin and my dad :( when he was in good health.
Well I have a quarter day tomorrow as i have to go with my dad to the neurosurgeon and for another MRI. Mum and i will get to have a coffee whilst we are waiting so that bit should be nice.
Hope that you all have a great w/e. I am doing a class on Sat at TM'S fingers crossed all going well and i am really looking forward to it.
C ya
xx Me

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Still here

Hi just wanted to let you all know that no scrapping has been done over here for a whilst as my dad is not well. So although I wont be posting much in the next couple of weeks I will be following all of your blogs to see what you are all doing.
Having said that I am finding card making very therapeutic as it is quick,doesn't need too much thought and takes my mind of things.
I hope you all have a great Valentines day and don't work too hard next week.
xx Linda

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Album for my Auntie

See I have been busy during the week. I just have been too tired to write a post although I have kept track on you all.
I am dong this 6 x 6 album for my Aunty who lives in the UK. It's just random photos from the last couple of years and all scrapped simply. Like Susan from I am also using Making Memories paperie collection although I am Using the MOCHA. (B/C its so me and mocha is close to coffee and everyone knows how i like my coffee-even if this is paper not the real stuff) OK now i am rambling...

Now you must remember this is me and as per usual nothing is in order so here goes,
Love this photo of Caitlin and I love keeping my chipboard natural. Gotta love this snowman I cut him out with the cricut using my free cartridge Stretch Your Imagination. He is so cute. The arrows were also cut with the cricut Going Places cartridge. I'm kinda liking them.
Nothing much to say about this one it's pretty basic but boy was the food yum. We tried to make it when we got home but it wasn't half as good.

Same with this one nice and simple letting the photo tell the story. Although Joe certainly has grown in the last couple of years.

My Aunt hasn't seen our new house so I went outside and took a photo of it the day it was 38 mind you and I went outside in bare feet and was too close so I had to cross the road and go into the bush, wasn't worried bout my feet burning then, more worried bout snakes, and to the western power man who was laughing at me doing a "its to hot for my feet dance" thanks very much, you could have driven by a bit faster.

OK here is what you should have seen first. Do you think I need to put something else on it? Is it to plain? Please help needed.

Now once you have read all that I bet you are glad that you have finished, I hope that I have put a smile on at least one of your faces. Boy I can rant on can't I?
By the way work was......well OK.
I hope that you all have a great week and stay cool its going to be really hot.
I don't think that anyone reads my blog from Melbourne but if you do I felt for you all the other day when it was 47.
OK OK I am going now I can here you all in my head going "will she ever shut up."
xx Linda
There i have finished.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

10 Weeks to go

Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Alas poor me all good things must come to an end, it's back to work tomorrow with an expected temp of 38 YUK what a way to start the school year. Well I hope that you are all prepared and that your kids are roaring to go. Mine said it would be a great idea if we could forget about school and have a couple of months in Penang (of course we would have to be back by Mar 7Th as that is the school ball) ha! Keep on dreaming.
I had a lovely day yesterday scrapping at the 12 hour scrap at Tomorrows Memories, I didn't stay the whole 12 hours as I am not very productive with my time at these things. In 6 hours all I managed to do was 1 tag and one 6 x 6 page for a mini album. I am too busy talking and watching everyone else.
Well here is my LO for today, it is the challenge for next month at TM's and I must say that unlike last months (which I was to embarrassed to put on my blog-it was a shocker) I am very pleased with this one. I actually cut the red scrolly thing out at cricket this morning as I was melting under a big beach umbrella. If this wasn't a challenge I wouldn't have used the inside of the chipboard frame for my title but alas it is a challenge after all and you have to use all things in the pack.
Anyway don't expect too much from me this week as I will be knackered and probably fed up of telling the children to say "please and thank you or else I wont serve you". I am working on a mini album for my Aunt in England and as these pages are pretty basic I wont bother posting them all.
So here's wishing you a fabulous week and try and stay cool.
XX Linda