Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful for scrapping

Yes I am very thankful that I have found this craft b/c at the moment it has become my little escape from reality. Although i normally scrap most nights lately i have only had enough time to work on a page or two of this mini album. It takes my mind of things and takes me away into another world so if its only half an hour or an hour its great to do this. Then we can go back to reality. The flourish on the above photo was cut from my cricut stretch your imaginations isnt it great. This cart can do amazing things.
I am actually using a lot of my clear stamps on this project and loving them.

Sorry this photo didn't turn out that well. Left is Joe and right is Caitlin and my dad :( when he was in good health.
Well I have a quarter day tomorrow as i have to go with my dad to the neurosurgeon and for another MRI. Mum and i will get to have a coffee whilst we are waiting so that bit should be nice.
Hope that you all have a great w/e. I am doing a class on Sat at TM'S fingers crossed all going well and i am really looking forward to it.
C ya
xx Me


Jenni said...

Nice LO's Linda. Give your Dad a huge hug from me. I've been thinking of him a lot this week. Jen

suzitee said...

Thank goodness for scrapping, Linda. You are doing an awesome job on the album...gorgeous! Hope all goes well with your Dad today, and enjoy your class tomorrow ( I have no doubt you will !) Chat soon xxx

Sonya Thair said...

Hey Linda
Good to hear that scrapping helps you as much as it does me. Its an amazing hobby really. Love the album its coming along great. Would love to see it completed. Thinking of you always. Keep ya chin up and I hope to see you 2moro at Evana's class.

Vicki said...

Your album is looking fantastic Linda! Any chance that we can see it in person? Would especially love to see the stuff you have been cutting using your Cricut cartridges.

My thoughts are with you and all your family. Vicki x