Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mellow Yellow

Yes,I had a few spare moments so I thought I would actually do a blog post and my post is all about week 28 of my Project Life.
For something different I decided to pick a colour and use that as my theme, the lucky colour was yellow.

I had so much fun doing this page finding all of my yellow bits and pieces

I tried something new and used a 3x4 space for my title card. I had been saving that badge for just the right place and I think this is it.
I also cleaned out my purse and found a lot of receipts which I included in a glassine bag.
I love the little frame stamp from the Studio Calico Inked class that I used to highlight my mum.

And the bottom two photos are food related again. Occasionally I love to make my own pasta actually I would rather have fresh pasta any day it is just so good. I made two different sauces as Andrew does not like good old bolognaise/red meat sauce.
If you follow me on IG you are no doubt aware that we go out to lunch most Saturdays and this week we went to Tony Romas which is an American rib restaurant.. I am not into ribs but they are Andrews favourite, what we both liked was the hot skillet cookie, a must have if you ever go there.

So that was my week 28, a good one.

Thanks for visiting, I know it has been a while.

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Hope said...

Looks great, the yellow plays so nicely with all your photos.

dawn said...

WOW, I'm loving all the yellow!! The frame around your mom is the cutest. Love the little bag of receipts, so pretty. You did some typing it looks like, love that. Each pocket is filled with fun, love and YELLOW!! I'm impressed that you make your own pasta and 2 sauces, WAY TO GO!!
I've never been to our Tony Roma's before although I do LOVE RIBS!
YIPPEEE for getting your Christmas cards done already, so awesome.

Thanks so much for posting this Linda, love seeing it!!

suzitee said...

I so so love the yellow!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

I love this project life thing that is going on.i might do it next year.-love deex