Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life Week 14

Gosh can you believe it is week 14 already?
It's April nearly May
One week of school before holidays, yay it has been a very long term

My week 14 came together very quickly, however I have only one pic to show you

Due to that picture on the bottom left. That is my foot covered in water in our MAIN living area. The hose to the washing machine came of and flooded the whole house and I mean the Whole house except for our bedroom and Caitlin's. The craft room and Joe's bedroom were the only carpeted area that got soaked.
The rest of the house has lino apart from the main bathroom and loo (they are tiled) and it was all underwater. So my craft room had to get packed up and this also meant the computer and printer, but we are an apple family and there are plenty of iPads around here so that wasn't a big problem. I did make a scrap stash of the bare essentials which is now housed on the dining room table, and thank goodness for Studio Calico kits I just grabbed my latest two kits. Alas sob sob I am still waiting on my March and April Project Life kits from them (so is Tracey except she is waiting on Jan as well).

Nothing too exciting for week 14 except I did get quite a few Instagram comments from my scrapping idol Shimelle which absolutely made my day as I was very sick in week 14. I also got three IG comments from Amy Tan which also made another day, see it doesnt take much too make me happy.

Caitlin is starting to gather and oprepare her resources for her big teaching prac so that is keeping her busy and at home, no night clubbing for the time being (thank god says mama)

Andrew and I made up a new word "DLunch". Dont you just love it?
Our Saturdays are quite busy,after a little sleep in we clean the house from top to bottom, yes he helps and to be honest probably does more than I, then we go and do a bit of weekend shopping so when all thats finished it is normally around two pm so we like to treat ourselves to lunch out. This particular Saturday we were running a bit late it was near too three and we could not find a restaurant that was open, they had all closed to prepare for dinner so down to Hillarys we went and one of our old favourites was open all day. As this is our only meal for the whole day the man had to repeat our order back to us, honestly it wasnt that much just an entree each and a main but the entree did have a lot of bread, so that finished the day nicely. The kids know now that they have to get their own dinner on Saturdays as I sure am not cooking and Andrew and I never eat dinner on a Saturday.

I must point out that wonderful currents stamp that is available from Studio Calico it is "awesome" so awesome in fact that i I may have got super excited and ordered another one by mistake ho hum thats me all over.
I also must share THIS link with you. If you ever need Project Life inspiration check out these free videos from Two Peas there is a PL one every week and whilst you are there check out Glitter Girl her last weeks video was AMAZING episode 65 be sure to go and check it out so so good.

Wow long post hope you enjoyed it and yes Caitlin I am trying very hard to not be lazy and make sure all of my I's are capitals..


suzitee said...

Hang in there Linda...this too will pass :(
Loving all the little details on your Week 14...always lots to look at on your pages :) Thank you for sharing xxxxx

Ginger said...

Has everything been worked out with the flooding? What a shame and so much work for you I'm sure.

Shimelle is so sweet! I got an IG comment from Stephanie Howell for one of MME layouts :) That's going in my PL :)And we start week 17!! Nuts!

anyway - will you be partaking in Scrapbooking Remix? I will be, so looking forward to more inspiration :)

Take care and see you on IG!

dawn said...

Hi Linda,

So nice to see a PL post, thanks so for sharing it here for us.

So sorry about the flooding again, how awful that is for anybody. Glad you have your kits to work with for now. The page is so fun and full of goodies. LOVE the title/camera card!

WOW WOW WOW it is exciting to get comments from these awesome ladies, how cool for you!!!

Wish we could get away without making dinner on Sat. nights, my kids still young though so I guess we have to feed them, haha! I am pretty lucky though that Rich does all the weekend cooking.

Take care, I think your on holiday week this week right??!! Enjoy it and the extra free time you have.