Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Zealand

Hello there it's been awhile.

Just popping in to share some layouts that I have made for Joe's New Zealand album.
You have probably already seen these on Instagram but you can get a better look here. Before I start I must tell you that all photos are taken with my iPhone as my DSLR is packed away somewhere due to the big house flood.

This will be the first page. I am doing a 12x12 album with some Project Life inserts as Joe is a good scrappers son and took over 400 photos plus with this wonderful technology today all of the other chefs have uploaded their photos so I have literally thousands to choose from.
There isn't a great deal of journaling on the pages because
a) I wasn't the one there to tell the story and Joe is not the most talkative person around
b) I will have heaps of pages that will follow on from each other so the story should be easy to follow.

Having said that I am not scrapping this in any order, when I put them in the binder will be when they go in date order.

OK so on to the first LO above. It is a lift from an Amy Tan class that I am doing (ha along with about three other classes) Normally I would have found using that background paper extremely hard but it was perfect for the aeroplane photo and I just remembered that I took a great photo of Joe walking with his suitcase at the airport so that will have to be the first page not this one. hmm see what I mean lets just call it a work in progress. The bottom photo is not a bad one its just the light coming in from the aeroplane window. I got to use lots of stamps on this one and it was fun.

and the reason I am not doing this in date order is because of this photo. I love it. So meet Beth a chef from the winning New Zealand team. I couldn't wait to scrap this photo, I think I have done it justice. Again I used inspiration from my Amy Tan class but my LO came out completely different than Amy's. Although all of my scrap supplies are packed I did keep my Studio Calico kits out and my ever growing stash of washi that I don't use nearly enough.

Yep still love love this photo.
So Beth this post is for you so you can see what I have created and so that you can get a better look other than Joe holding the page up when your on Skype. Hope you like them.

Hopefully not promising anything but there might be a short PL post tomorrow. Pff and can you believe it Caitlin has just popped her head over my shoulder and told me off for not making my iiiii's capitals, ha, is the teacher coming out in her or what, so I will now go and amend all of my iiiii's

Ha I I I I I cant believe how many time i use the word I, it is nearly in every sentence and I am not correcting the one in this sentence...


Beth Christieson said...

Hi Linda! Beth here from NZ. I've had a good stalk of your blog, you've got scrapping talent! Haha. Very cool, much better than through Skype you are right. Have a great week y'all :)


suzitee said...

Wow...great start to the album Linda! Loving both those layouts...not a bad effort considering all your stuff is packed away ;) You have A LOT of scrapping in front of you...400 photos...sheesh!

dawn said...

So happy your scrapping and have some kits to play with for now. These both came out wonderful and colorful, LOVE THEM BOTH!! How awesome this album will be when your done. Glad your enjoying Amy's class, will still look into it for myself.

ooohhh yes a PL post would be awesome too.

Haha that Catilin is funny, i try not to worry about spelling when posting, figure it's suppose to be fun right??!!

So nice to be here again too Linda, hope everthing is going ok with the work from the flood. Sending hugs and patience to you!