Saturday, December 29, 2012

At Last

 Well things must be pretty bad when even Joe is telling me that i have not done a blog post in ages. (i never knew he actually read my blog, so there you go i learnt something)
So here are a few photos to fill you in on our life right now.

Caitlin and friends went to Bali early December

 She had a great time took lots of photos for me to make a mini.

We celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary with a luncheon at the new french restaurant at the Crown called Bistro Guillaume
Food was nice but it was missing the wow factor that so many restaurants at the Crown have.

Joe finished TAFE altogether-only one year of his apprenticeship left and that will all be down at the Crown
If i haven't mentioned before Joe and Simon (pictured above) have been chosen to represent Australia in an international cooking competition for apprentice chefs. This is an event organised by Technical Colleges world wide, so although he has finished TAFE Joe and Simon will still be going to practice the dishes that they will be cooking.

Caught up with my two craft buddies for lunch, chat and present swaps, always so much fun.

Our craft get togethers seemed to disappear in the latter part of this year which we must rectify from here on in.

and we had our work Christmas Lunch at yes the Crown again (I love that place, purely coincidental that Joe works there) This time we were at the Atrium
and yes Joe popped in from Nobu and yes Andrew tagged along coz there is no way i could go to the Crown without him. Michelle being Michelle would not have her photo taken.

Our christmas was here this year and although that meant heaps of cooking on Christmas eve for me, the day was awesome and we all had heaps of fun. Boxing day was a day of rest for me as i was exhausted and it has been so hot.

Now i have ventured back into blog land i will post my Project Life update and outlook tomorrow followed by my Journal Your Christmas adventure.

Stay cool or get warm where ever you are in this wonderful world.


suzitee said...

She's alive!!!! Wooohoooo! Welcome back to blogland Linda...I have really missed seeing what you're up to, and Instagram just isn't cutting it ;)
You're right...we need to work on catching up more. This year has gone SO fast.
Congrats (again) to Joe, hello to Caitlin and Andrew, and try to stay cool in this rotten heatwave!

dawn said...

Hello Linda, so nice to see an update! Lots of good and happy times in your life, YIPPEE! That is great news about Joe. Happy Anniversary a little late. How different the weather is for us both, hot there and cold here.

Can't wait to see your PL & JYC posts!!

Did you get to make the beans for Christmas? If so how were they?

Enjoy the last days of the year!

Tracey said...

So great to have you back in blogland Love me :-)