Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here's something that I whipped up with my free time on Mothers Day (thanks Caitlin / previous post)

A ruffled tea towel.
Our next Labelcrew project is a table runner and I will be making it in these fabrics so I thought a matching tea towel was the way to go.
In my mind I have plans to make matching mug mats as well, but, there are a lot of projects in my mind at the mo, hopefully this one will see fruition. (ha that's a big word).

Now I'm just going to bore you with a few photos that I have taken, b/c I'm a good girl and am doing my homework from my photography class.

And this one my favourite

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Tracey said...

love the ruffles and great photo's. Yep thats my favourite as well.
love me :-)
PS George is going just fine.

Tracey said...

That Tea towel looks too pretty to use! Beautiful flowers.....were they for mothers day? Great photos:) My favourite pic is the one in your last post.....ha!

Tiff said...

Those ruffles are so pretty! Love the lilies too! X

Stephanie said...

I adore your tea towel (I adore ruffles full stop!) & hope you you get round to making all the other matching bits - will look gorgeous all together! Your photographs are amazing - A+ from me ;) xxx

dawn said...

I love the tea towel, how pretty. What a great gift your daughter gave you, the best presents always come from the heart. Great job on the flower photos, they are beautiful. Enjoy your class and good for you doing your homework,lol