Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A challenge

A couple of weeks ago i challenged myself to create a LO using an oldish photo. I had to open my album and pick a photo on that page.

I did it and had so much fun.
a bit of doodling and lots of jounalling talking about everything in the background of the photo and of course me and my mum or if my mum was reading this mum and I (the grammar of children is getting worse these days is a topic mum frequently refers too).
It bought back a heap of childhood memories especially the story about Shaun Cassidy which lead me to a U Tube search and i sat there watching/listening to That's rock & roll and Da Do Ron Ron...ah was anyone else a Shaun Cassidy fan?

and last night another challenge a card this time
i had the latest Cards Aug 2011 mag on my desk and i closed my eyes picked a page and had to make the card on that page.
Now this was a challenge as this card is a bit shabby chic which although i love is really not my style. I had loads of fun doing it, needless to say mine turned out nothing like the original which was made by Maureen Plut (page 20)

and you know what? I enjoyed this process so much i am going to do another one. (i don't have to think, just copy and that's what i need at this moment in time)
Hope you are all enjoying your week
and if you get time go and search Shaun Cassidy and watch the videos and yep even in his satin pants i still think he's pretty cute.


Tracey said...

Oh Linda this post made me smile and for so many reasons. I loved the layout and really loved the journalling.
LOL about Shaun Cassidy... I was totally in love with David, I was going to marry him you know!!!
Don't know what happened LMAO.
love me :-)

Tiff said...

Fantastic LO & card! I love seeing what people do with old pictures! X

Jani said...

Awesome LO and card. Such great memories displayed in a timeless LO.
Thanks for sharing,