Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cards For Australian Troops

Hi one and all
Over the last couple of years i have read many American blogs (Jennifer Mcguire in particular) that talk about 'cards for troops' and thought what a great idea, but what would i write to a soldier that i had never met? Well.........++##DAH**##   Linda you don't actually write on them you send them blank. OK so it took me a couple of months to figure this out and i love this idea. Just imagine sending a blank card to a serving soldier and he can then write in it and send it back to say his little son, imagine how the little boy would feel-"I got this from daddy" or how about a Valentines card or I am so proud of you card. Oh its making me feel quite sad and happy at the same time thinking that we as crafters can do this to help support our Aussie Troops.

I am ashamed to say that i never thought to organise anything like this for our troops but a lovely lady from the Cricut Messageboard has. Her name is Mel and she can be contacted via email here all we have to do is send some cards-with envelopes to Mel and she will forward them on to the appropriate places.
So please all you Aussie crafters out there go through your stash (i know you have them) or make some new ones, any themes. Melissa is sending the first batch out on Jan14 so you still have time.

Here is my first contribution, these all came from my stash so i will make some new ones for my next lot.

Here is a piece from Mel's post over on the Cricut messageboard-

"Had a chat with the US organiser of the Cards for Troops and have a few tips.

If you would like to put a name on the back of the card please feel free to do so, but use only either your screen name or your first name, no surnames please. We will also be stamping the back of the cards with an email address so if anyone wants to make contact with the girls they can via that one. I will onforward all emails to the card maker and also share them on this thread. The email address is
For those sending cards, a huge thank you. For those thinking of participating, please remember this will be an ongoing event until all our troops are home!! So whilst you might not be able to help out now, any and all help is welcome at any stage and any time, as well as any amount of cards be it 1 or 100!!
We have approximately 2,900 personnel overseas at present time from all three services. These areas include East Timor, Sudan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East."

Okay so this is my mission for this year and now i will have to go and replenish my card box and what a great excuse to buy some more supplies, surely Andrew cant begrudge me even more money to spend on craft to make cards for our troops!

Thanks for reading my very long post i had better go and make some more cards.


Rumi said...

What a wonderful idea!

suzitee said...

Lovely lovely idea Linda. I can't seem to make a card when I need one, let alone extras! My stash is virtually non-existent, and I just found a gift card on my desk for my BIL, who got married in September (I think), still waiting on a hand made card...shameful! Better not count on my help for this one...

Jenni said...


Tracey said...

What a great idea Linda.....I'll go check out the link. Thanks

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Happy New Year Linda my dear friend!!!!! Fabulous idea Linda and I know the troops will appreciate them. Having a brother that was in Iraq and him telling us that he loved the care packages they used to get meant a lot to him and the troops and would give them a little piece of home:) I know they will love all the cards they get!! i will have to check out the link:) i can't wait for the New Crafty Year and to see all your wonderful projects!!!!

Tracey said...

Just got back and this is the first chance I have had to check your blog. What classes are you doing girl???
Love the cards and really want to see some more holiday photos'
Love me :-)

Tori said...

WOW Linda there is so many cards!! what a wonderful idea!

Tori :)

Rebecca said...

I did this a while back and it felt so good :) Thanks for reminding me to do it again :) Happy New Year!