Sunday, November 14, 2010

All ready to quilt

Remember a while ago Tracey and I got together with Susan to have a bag making lesson? Well this time its a quilted table runner session. Yesterday under Susan's supervision and much moaning and groaning from Tracey and me (we HATE the cutting out bit) we cut out our triangles and did a bit of sewing.
I then stayed up most of the night (was waiting for Caitlin to get home) and sewed mine together.
Excuse the poor lighting but you can get the gist of what it looks like. The patterned fabric is Kate Spain's 12 days of Christmas. We all used a different colour homespun so like our bags they will all turn out completely different. And mine will be even more different as i thought that i had made four blocks to many and didn't include them in my runner (oh well you get that) it would have made it very very long. I am saving the other four to make into a coordinating coffee table quilt as you all know i have a thing for those.

Now i just had to show you a close up as i am very proud of the fact that i nearly got all of my points to meet correctly (i am a very near enough is good enough person) so i took extra care with this project as i couldn't have Susan's and Tracey's looking all perfect and mine slap dash could I? So its all ready to quilt and unlike Susan and Tracey i love hand quilting so that is what i will be doing and yet another reason why our table runners will look very different.

Now this is why i was up so late, wouldn't you wait up for someone that went out looking like this?

Have a great week everyone
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Tracey said...

ONG I can't believe you have finished. I only have 6 more square to sew and then I can start putting them together. Well I have unpicked three times and yours will definately be better than mine. I think for my first effort I have done pretty good but most of my triangles don't meet, I was going to keep unpicking and thought, no this is my first effort I will just do the best I can and be happy.

I love getting together with you and Susan for crafy happy stuff and I can't wait for next years project.
love me :-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your table runner looks fabulous Linda! I love the look of hand quilting - can't wait to see your finished product.

Rumi said...

Great job on the table runner Linda! It will look lovely on your holiday table.

Loved Caitlin's outfit! She must have gone to one fun party!

suzitee said...

I can't believe you are almost finished either...LOL...overachiever!!!
I haven't touched mine since I got home, but now I am INSPIRED! It looks love love the green. It looks pretty long...maybe I'll keep mine a bit shorter too :)

Janellybelly said...

I love the table runner, well done with the progress. Sewing whilst waiting for Caitlin to come home might become a regular thing :)

Tracey said...

Linda, your runner looks great....the colour are perfect. When I started my quilt(still a work in progress), I realised how it all needed to be perfect. And thats hard when I'm a That looks about right kinda person! So how good do your triangles look! :)

Anonymous said...
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kathie said...

Oh my son would be green with envy over that batman costume!
The runner looks fab!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Wow the runner is gorgeous Linda!!!! Love the cards I've seen on your blog:) I'm now a follower. I'm also giving a little giveaway please stop by:) I can't wait to see your next project Linda:)

Tori said...

Linda that looks fab! I love it!!!
Love the christmas pattern!!

Tori xx