Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey there
sorry have been MIA this past week.
My school holidays did not end well for me with a huge fall in the kids bathroom which left me with the biggest bruise i have ever seen (about 10inches long) on my butt which made sleeping and sitting down very painful.
Am happy to say that its not too bad now.

Before i forget Enfys at Going Buggy has an amazing giveaway and it ends on the 17th  so you had better get in quick.

Here's what i have been up to over the last week.

This is a double LO from when Caitlin went to her music festival a couple of weeks ago. I have used Basic Grey papers and the Stampin Up butterfly punch.

Well i did have a load of other crafty things to show you but my browser doesn't appear to be working so i will have to put them in another post.

***some cricut love***as you all know, i love my cricut, well Caitlin and her Uni friends love it now. Boy has my bug had a big workout this week. Caitlin had a whole week of prac at her primary school, teaching and preparing three lessons a day, we had girls over here making posters for some of their lessons, cutting out huge clouds to hang the children's work from, big flash cards etc. This only justifies what i said to Andrew when i upgraded to my bigger machine "apart from me using it Caitlin can use it for her class work" i said this only half believing it and of course i had to justify the money i had spent on it and guess what it was true so i didn't tell a little lie. Now i wonder if i spend $400.00 on more craft stuff if i can say the same thing. (I don't think he will believe me)

So i spent last night making thank you cards for Joe's teachers as it was his very last day at school (he starts his apprenticeship soon), thank you cards for Caitlin's prac teachers and 28 goody bags for all of her year 1-2 prac class. And guess what- not one photo to show you.

I will try and post all of my other crafty things later on
Hope you are all well, and have a lovely weekend.


Tracey said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have missed you.
love me :-)

Tori said...

Linda glad your feeling a little better! Your LO look's GREAT! Love it!! The colours are perfect!

Tori xx :)

Thankyou for your lovely comment!

Alyssa C said...

Thats not good but its good your felling better.
I love your LO.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sorry to hear about your injury Linda - not a good end to the holidays. Glad you are making a good recovery!

How fun to have a cricuting workshop with Caitlin and her uni friends. It will be such a great resource for her in her career - so many fun posters/charts etc to create. She will have the best decorated classroom!

Glad to hear that Joe's last week of school went well! What an exciting future he has.

Does it feel weird not to have any kids at school?

TammyJ said...

Yeouch! Hope that Bruise is healing up nicely now. : )

suzitee said...

Glad you're bruise is healing...what a nasty end to the holidays!
Your Lo is gorgeous as usual...i'd love to see some of the new BG releases next time we catch up, as I haven't been buying much of it lately :)
I've missed you this week xxx

Tereesa C said...

Hi Linda, sorry to hear you've had a fall. So glad to hear you're feeling better now.

Sounds like you've been super busy as well. Can't wait to see the pics when your computer is working again.

I love this darling double layout. The butterflies have really added that something extra.

Tracey said...

Sounds like your on the mend Linda, great to hear.......I had a fall last week as well....we should compare bruises,I tripped over my gypsy re-charge cord straight down on my knee! Great layout again, I look forward to seeing all your other sure have been busy!