Friday, August 29, 2008

A Busy Week

Hello everyone I have been busy doing Caitlin's journal so I haven't posted anything this week. I have really enjoyed doing this as each page is quick and easy to do it's been great fun. I have done 12 pages already and I am only on their first day. I hope it's still as much fun when I finally get to Joe's album. So now I am going to bore you with the whole 12 pages. Still cant get them on the bottom of this page so you have probably already looked at them. I have to say again how much I love the BG Euphoria papers, oh, and my new owl clear stamps aren't they cute.

Ok it is taking me toooo long to put all 12 pages on here so here is a couple.

Hope to see ya all tomorrow at TM's 12 hour scrap session.


suzitee said...

I love all the bits and pieces that you've included in this album Linda...the airline tickets etc. Gives it a lovely "journal type" feel, if that makes any sense at all LOL!
Have fun at the all day scrap tomorrow...I will be there with you in spirit :)

Vicki said...

Great work again Linda! Please bring it to the 12 hour scrap today so that we can have a sticky beak at it!! See you later...Vicki

Jo Kay said...

Love your album Linda! You could do a green one for Joe!!!
Can you bring it in so we can see it?
Jo :)

Mrs Maple said...

Just love your album, can not believe how must Caitlin has changed.
Mrs Maple