Thursday, June 23, 2011

What has been keeping me busy?

Well that's easy. Life. Sometimes you know it just gets in the way. Birthdays, work, taxiing, cleaning etc but apart from that i have been busy working on this
Its another tablecloth but oh how i love it. It is made from a charm pack of Strawberry Fields from Fig Tree and the pattern is from Camille Roskelley's book Simplify and its called Coming Home. Love love love. As you may have noticed i seem to have a thing for quilting/sewing at the mo, it seems ages sine i have done a LO but i have still been making cards, so here is one
i made this a couple of weeks ago. The ruffle is cut from an old sewing pattern (sorry Jen i know you think that's sacrilegious). Boy how i am learning in this crafty world not to throw anything out, who would have thought that we would be using old patterns for craft. Its only a shame that i don't have any. and here is another one
This i made for Joe (OMG where have the years gone) and uses some new Papertray Ink stamps that i got.
and here's another one

this one is a straight copy from the PTI gallery and i am sorry i really cant remember who to give the credit to. Great for a male card don't you think?
and here's.... no not another one but something else

a gift box of cards for the Tea Lady at school who was very nice and gave me her old typewriter when i mentioned that the craze in scrapbooking at the mo is old typewriters, and lucky for me hers was collecting dust. The cards in the box are again another copy but i will post about them next. The flower is again made with old pattern paper. Oh and guess what, Tea Lady happens to have a big big box of old patterns that she doesn't want :)  :)

So there you go i hope you made it to the end, if you did THANKS
i just have the binding to sew on my quilt which i may go and do now.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A sewing bag

Happy Sunday

as you all know, last Friday night was our Labelcrew get together.

here is what we made, but before i show you first let me remind you that this is MY work and don't forget what MY motto is.... "near enough is good enough"..... in the sewing dept any way. So please excuse the pockets that are meant to have rounded flaps and how everything is not exactly in a straight line and the other mistakes.
here's another closer look
and an even closer look i covered the button with my I Top tool

looks OK so far, well here's the dodgy inside

OK, i love it, if it was perfect it wouldn't feel like i made it. I love the colours, the fabric is called Pure by Sweetwater. Now all i have to do is pack it with my sewing supplies ready for our next Labelcrew night.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

A canvas

Hello everyone
We have a long weekend here yippee.

A couple of weeks ago a teacher asked me to make a canvas for her mum and dad as it was their wedding anniversary coming up. Their whole family had been to Bali for a holiday and had some professional photos taken and i had to use these on the canvas.
So what does one do when they are asked to do something creative for someone else, well in my case wait and wait for inspiration to hit, which of course it doesn't. I knew the photos would be bright and colourful so i wanted to keep the canvas mainly white to focus on the photos. Alas more waiting and thinking about ideas, ho hum nothing jumping madly out at me. Then i had to deliver some PTI goodies to Tracey one of my craft mentors (I am lucky to have two mentors-Tracey & Susan) who were/are both scrapbook and card teachers who i am very lucky now to call good friends-anyway i digress as usual.

Tracey suggested a few things and gave me a piece of Collections tissue paper and this was the end result

I am so so happy with the way it turned out.
here's a close up for you
I just might have to make something similar for myself, have to add that to a already long list.
I am just finishing of our sewing project from last night so hopefully i will be able to share that with you all tomorrow.
Enjoy your Sunday

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Papertray Ink (PTI) Love

Hi there
last week my May PTI order arrived, and oh what fun i have had with theses stamps and dies.
I went to their gallery to get some inspiration and there was one card that I had to make so here it is all totally lifted from their gallery.
I liked this card so much that i had to make another

which i have sent to my dear friend Jenni whose birthday it was yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN.
and of course i had to use my scraps so i made this gift tag

Aren't the doily's cute they too are from PTI, a die that i am using over and over again.

Tomorrow night "the three of us" are getting together to make our next Labelcrew kit, so here is my fabric all cut out and i am ready to go

I cant wait for tomorrow night it seems like ages since we have caught up, and what are we making you may ask-well I'm not telling i will show you on Saturday.