Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pizza box mini card set

Hey there, thought i would start with all of my pics first. As you know i so LOVE making little cards and matching boxes and aren't these just oh so cute. The mini pizza box instructions can be found here it is oh so easy to make. I did cut out a half circle on the opening top flap to make it easier to open.

..and aren't the cards oh so cute. All made with some very nice Stampin Up stamps that i have been dying to play with, the cards are 3x3inches.

...and i just had to show you the matching envelopes i made to go with them (they fit in the box as well). LOVE these, they are made with my friend the cricut using the Cindy Loo cartridge.

am going to make me some more, why? I don't know, to be honest i never use little gift cards but these are so cute i am going to make a stash to keep on hand for prezzies-have some cute tea cup stamps that i may use in my next box.

If you are into stamps GoingBuggy has another great giveaway - some fairy stamps.

Happy crafting.


suzitee said...

Now they are cute! Perfect for little gifts to have on hand. That is probably a bit too organised for me LOL...but I can wish! I am impressed with how much you use your Cricut...whatever would you do without it?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Very Stylish Linda! Love the little box you made for them. They would make a gorgeous gift.

Tracey said...

Very Classy Linda.....love the little box! I'm on way to check it out now, thanks for the link.

Tracey Holdyk said...

love these, you know how I feel about gift sets.
love me :-)

Tammy said...

Linda I LOVE these and am totally going to make some myself! These would make great gifts IMHO. That box looks like a great project to test out my Score pal with : )

Janellybelly said...

I played with Lisa's Cindy Loo cartridge today :) The cards & pizza boxes look fantastic, I wonder if they'd fit a mini muffin pizza in them?

Alyssa C said...

I love the little box.They look really cool.


Tori said...

I LOVe it how cute!! The black and white looks great!! NICE!!

Tori xx

kathie said...

Wowie! These are fabulous. I might hae to try this idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

And lucky you being in Penang for most of December! Enjoy.

jaki said...

Tammy mentioned your box so I had to come for a looky :)
Great gift idea...and a good idea to have a few extra stashed away for easy gifts!

Sassy Cheryl said...

Oh wow. . .how creative is this! LOVE IT!