Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From scraps...

...I made this, another table runner.
When i packed up my Christmas table runner even Andrew said that he missed having something colourful on the table, so i made this using scraps left over from a past Labelcrew project.
I stipple/random quilted the top and i must say that i am getting better and better at stippling. See, practice nearly makes perfect.
even the binding was made from scraps,
 and here it is with the matching mug mats.

I love walking into our big room and seeing these bright happy colours.

School starts here tomorrow so that means i am officially at work, even though i started on Monday. I have spent tonight printing and photo-shopping my Project Life photos for last week and plan to finish it of tomorrow.

I hope you are all well and having a good week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project Life weeks 2 & 3

Just thought i would share my PL with you as its too hot to do much else.
So here is the LHS of week 2
for this week i didn't use much of the kit, instead i used one of my 8x8 paper pads from October Afternoon. I made most of the journaling cards and in the case of "Joe's Story" i actually scanned the paper and then made the circles smaller so i could see more of the pattern. I actually amazed myself that i could do this.
Here is the RHS

see that wonderful 4x6 photo collage, you can  buy the template here for US$4.00, you get 20 templates and like in the image above you can incorporate up to 15 photos. Its easy to use and worth every penny i reckon. On this page Caitlin got her make up professionally done at Napoleon, she knows to keep receipts and such for me now so i cut apart a little card that she was given.
I actually did a 6x12 insert for week 2 as well so here that is

more hybrid scrapbooking and another great photo taken with my I Phone and an app called Incredibooth (I think)
then of course i had to put something on the back so here tis
It was an early birthday gift for Tracey and as Tracey loves banners i used them on the page.
Now on to week three.
For this week i mainly used the Clementine kit, with bits and pieces from my stash
here is the LHS
even Joe is sending my photos via his IPhone and poor Caitlin did you ever see such an unhappy face/mug shot.
here is the RHS

bottom right is an image from my IPhone again using the Diptic app and if i haven't said it already "if you have an iPhone you NEED this app", and on the bottom right is some more digital work, i love typing white on photos.
Now if you made it to the end I THANK YOU.
For all you fellow Aussies have a wonderful Australia Day
i am now going to jump in the pool.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A little stitching

Hello one and all
its hot here in Perth West Aus it was 40degrees today and ahhh its meant to be 41 tomorrow, i will surely be getting in the pool.

anyway i have done a bit more stitching on my stitch a long so i thought i would share it with you,
here is the first panel with the side border and sashings sewn on.
and here are the next two blocks for January, so that means as far as this quilt goes i am UP TO DATE.

you cant see the top block, its some chocolates (in case you were wondering)

now my Project Life is up to date as well, i just haven't posted week 2 and week 3, hopefully i will do that tomorrow after i have been for a swim of course.

Poor Joe said the temp in the kitchen today was 56degrees, i do feel for them as their chef uniforms are very thick and there are a few layers.

oh well that's all for tonight i am going to work on another ufo which hopefully by tomorrow will be a F O.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Card Kits

Hello and welcome
Boy its humid here, i don't mind the heat but i hate humidity.
Ok that was the weather general chit chat, now for some crafty chit chat.
I was very lucky/spoilt to be given a card kit just after Christmas, thank you Susan . The kit was designed by Tracey and is available from here.
The kit comes with instructions from Tracey to make four cards and a little gift bag. There is so much left over you could easily make another ten cards.
So here are my cards
Kraft card stock , doilies, butterflies, and banners, how could you pass that up.

Thanks for stopping by and have a greeeeaaaaaaaaaattttttttt weekend, i intend too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week One

Hello hello hello

I have joined the thousands of others and am doing Project Life (link in sidebar) for the first time this year. For those of you that haven't heard about it, its all about documenting the everyday, you don't have to take a picture a day or anything like that, but its remembering the little things. IE when Caitlin was little she used to say ambulance wrong, Joe used to say hospital wrong and for the life of us we cant remember how they used to pronounce them. If i was doing PL back then i would have documented all this so that i wouldn't have forgotten, because we do forget.

Here's my first page
sorry chopped of the photo.
Now it all sounds easy and it is easy but when i went to do this very first page i sat at my desk shuffling things around and got completely overwhelmed after about half an hour i gave up, took my IPad to bed and studied this lady"s blog. I love her PL and although i cant/wont copy her style i love that she has made each page a bit scrapbooky which is want i want to do. So the next morning i got up and of i went, easy peasy, i had so much fun. I used stamps that have never been out of their packets and letter stickers that i seem to have thousands of. Oh yes i do likey PL
here's my next page

oh and if you are wondering about the top left photo, Joe was on YouTube and saw Smores. Well we don't have Smores over here and definitely not the right crackers but he made his own version. I have to say that i could not bring myself to try them. So all in all i had fun fun fun doing my first week and am going to start documenting last week today, some weeks i know i wont have enough photos for a two page spread but that's OK you can do it any which way.

Wow you have made it to the end
Thank you

Monday, January 16, 2012

Etsy shopping

Well hello and happy Monday to you.
On Christmas eve i was browsing my favourite blogs and i ventured into Michelle Woodersons Etsy shop. I love her style, all mixy matchy and layers, so i treated myself to two of her notebook kits. (and yes i do not take notes but these are very cute and i will use them at work)
Here's the first one
and the second one

both were easy to assemble and they would make great gifts.

My PTI order for December finally arrived on Friday (they have just had their Jan release and i have only just got my Dec order, no ones fault that's what happens when we live half a world away). So even though they are now old they are still new to me, so here's a card i made playing around with their heart border die

and yes i did order more today, cant help myself its an addiction.

Tomorrow i will have my PL to show you, the first week anyway, i cant guarantee that i will have finished last weeks pages before tomorrow.

..and just a little note-the etsy order from Kansas only took ten days to get here yet my pti takes four weeks.hmm i wonder why that is?

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Oh yes i am way behind on my blogging, yet again.
Last Monday the Three Of Us caught up for our Labelcrew project.
We made these gorgeous journal covers.
Susan's on the left, mine in the middle and Tracey's on the right. Same pattern but all so different.
We also celebrated a very early birthday for Tracey. Her birthday is early February but we didn't know if we would be catching up before then. As Tracey's "One Little Word" for this year is baking we thought that her gift should help her along with her one little word. So along with some cake pans and cooling racks we made her these
some pot holders

and a tea towel (another Sweetwater project)

Love the tea towel, its not one i would use, i would have it purely for decoration and all my friends KNOW not to use my hanging tea towels.

I have my photos all ready for tomorrows post (didn't want to overload you today), all i have to do is to remember to post it.

Enjoy your week

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hi there

Well hello and Happy New Year, yep its come and gone already.
I'm on holidays so i am having a very relaxing time doing.....nothing really.

I have finished the first part of the Stitch A Long that i am participating in, so here it is
kind of a skinny long panel.

I also wanted to show you a card/envelope that i made and i am sorry i didn't take note of where i found the idea.
Here is the envelope

ahh so pretty
now for the inside where you cut a real envelope in half to create these two pockets

weird ha, but in one pocket i will be putting cash and in the other a little note just like this

here i have used the beautiful Mendhi Medallion stamp from PTI, and as the person that i made this card for has already had their birthday i had better go and post it.

I made some mini quiches today to take to my crafty interlude with the "Three of Us" (which will really be the ten of us as the children are on holidays)  but i forgot to tell my man giant (Son Joe who is a 17yo 6ft 6in hungry tower) that they are NOT TO BE EATEN, alas there is only half left now. I tell ya it costs a fortune to feed teenage boys. Actually, given the language that is coming from his room as i type this (Joe plus Xbox live) i will be giving him a few bars of soap to eat. Does anyone else have this problem?

Alrighty i have a few crafty things to do tonight and i may even do my first week of Project Life. Enjoy your night. Thanks for stopping by.